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Upgrade from DSL6 to FTTN15 ?

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  • Upgrade from DSL6 to FTTN15 ?

    Hey gang
    Been with VMedia now for about a year. Been mostly satisfied with the service, although I often put up with spotty connections by reminding myself of the $$ I'm saving every month since switching from Bell. But.....internet speeds have been getting progressively worse. I've had two service calls to the house in the last year, and both times the issue was with the switch at the neighbourhood Bell box. Have the bundled package with internet/TV/Phone and when we initially signed up we took the DSL6 because the sales person on the phone assured me that it was plenty robust enough to do everything we wanted, and at the time there was promotion on for free dry loop. This was important because I hated the idea of even one more of my dollars going to Bell. I realize they still get paid, but at least it wasn't coming out of my pocket.

    Well, a year later, I realize that DSL6 really doesn't cut it, and considering the line and switch problems I'm considering upgrading to FTTN15. If I've got to go through a service call at least it would be to upgrade.
    Sorry for the long post, want everyone to understand where I'm coming from on this.
    So, the questions are:
    1) I see that FTTN15 is currently offering free dry loop. As an existing customer do I qualify for this because of switching to Fibre?

    2) I also see a free install offered. Again as above, new customers only? Or anyone that is taking FTTN15?

    3) If there are issues with the local Bell switch, will this change correct this? Or are we still using the same crappy line?


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    Okay, please disregard the above. Gave in and called tech support. Stanley tried his best, but everything checks out on the back end, no service issues that anyone is aware of and a hard wired speedtest on my modem checks out in the acceptable range. Yet I'm getting choppy TV service and very slow download speeds, particularly in the evening. And although the VMedia website says that FTTN is available in my area, Stanley checked on his end, and in fact it is not....too far from the central office.
    So back to square one.
    He did suggest switching to cable might solve the issue, but reading too many reports about slowdown issues from shared resources....



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      I would call VMedia and speak directly to someone (maybe sales?). I would think #1 is doable. #2 they might meet you half-way??? I think it would depend if they need to send a physical service-person for upgrading? #3 - it will be the same copper until it reaches the neighbourhood box.

      Don't forget to factor in the cost of a new modem.

      I'm on FTTN15. It's been rock-solid. I generally get a steady 11.0 to 11.2 Mbps according to I have very few problems with TV service. I use Ooma for phone service via DSL. I'm in my 3rd year with VMedia - very happy with service.


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        Hi Willhound,

        Typically we run such promotions when our upstream provider provides us with those offers we pass it on to our customers. At this time #1 and #2 are only for new customers. If there is any local issue in your area upgrading will not help to resolve it. We can certainly look into the issue, escalate it with Bell and try to get it resolved. If the issue involves factors that are not resolvable then it is best to switch the platform. Please PM me your customer ID and we will see what best can be done for you in your case.


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          Thanks Jose. PM sent. Kind of a perplexing problem. Seems intermittent, and usually at a time when support lines are closed of course. Not sure if upgrading will solve anything or not. Last night from about 7 PM until I went to bed at 11, I couldn't watch TV and have my daughter do her homework online (gotta love schools these days) at the same time. I would have to flip out of TV mode every time she needed to submit a page.


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            Got it. Thank you.


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              Have sent Jose a PM but just wanted to publicly thank him on the forum also for quickly stepping in and doing whatever he could on his end to get things on track. Great service.