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Modifying my TV package via phone

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  • Modifying my TV package via phone

    I tried calling in today to modify my TV package from Basic to the Skinny. This is a transaction that can't be performed online.

    The agent on the phone told me such a transaction would not possible today, and to call back at the end of the month. I asked politely to be transferred to a manager or someone who could assist today, I was not interested in phoning back next week as per the agent's suggestion. The agent refused multiple times and told me nobody else would be able to assist. I stayed silent on the line long enough, and eventually she transferred me to a different agent.

    The 2nd agent was able to help me with the downgrade. He politely tried to talk me out of it (expected), but proceeded with my request.

    This experience was brutal. This is two bitter experiences in 3 days. 3 days ago when I called in to receive new internet plan pricing I was declined. I also attempted to get the promotional TV pricing at the time, and understand now that it was only available to new customers, but the agent on my initial call also refused to give me the new internet discounting.

    The negative interaction from both initial responses (today and 3 days ago) felt purposeful and coached. What is going on? Why was this process so difficult?

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    Hi Ryan,

    Apologies for the trouble this morning. I will pull the call and pass to Department Managers to review and ensure messaging to their Teams is as expected. You're welcome to change your TV plan at any time, and change will be effective at start of next billing cycle.