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Potential Customer - Installation Fees even if no hardware purchased through VMedia?

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  • Potential Customer - Installation Fees even if no hardware purchased through VMedia?


    I am looking into signing up for the internet and TV package that VMedia offers. I have an appropriate modem and I can buy a VBox myself. My current internet provider is ********, so there's obviously already an active Rogers cable connection coming into my house. My question is around the $64 installation charge that seems to be mandatory. Other than plugging in my modem and VBox, I'm not sure that a technician is necessary, therefore I don't know if installation charges should apply.

    If these installation charges are simply "new account set-up" fees, then that is fine, but if it is indeed for installation, and I don't need assistance with my install, can it be avoided?



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    The installation fees are mandated by the incumbents/CRTC ruling so yes you are required to pay them. One thing to note, if you move TSI -> VMedia Rogers will NOT provision your existing modem for 30 days give or take, so you will have to rent one from VMedia in the interim until your own modem can be provisioned (again this is something Rogers is enforcing). I don't think I am incorrect here, so you may need to follow-up with sales to make sure I"m not way off. My brother did the move from TSI -> VMedia and this is the process he went through.

    That said you might qualify for a transfer, not full installation fee since you are remaining on the Rogers network.


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      Thanks for the info. In regards to my modem, I'll be using a modem that has been deactivated for a few weeks that my friend was using on TSI. I have an older modem on TSI (Docsis 2) so it won't work. From what you said above, it sounds like as long as the modem itself has been deactivated for a month (give or take), then VMedia should be able to hook it up right away... or is it the TSI connection coming into my house that needs to be "provisioned"? In that case, I would fall into that waiting period. Would be interested to hear from a VMedia rep.


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        As long as TSI is disabled, and the modem you have is an approved model/firmware, it should be fine to use. The modem (MAC) is provisioned against Rogers CMTS so it will allow logon, DHCP, etc. If the MAC isn't in their database when you first connect the MAC goes to the CMTS and it will provide an unroutable IP. I would definitely make sure the modem is on the approved list before assuming it will be ok, Rogers can be picky about what the TPIAs are allowed to use on their networks


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          Thanks again for the info. The modem and firmware match the possible ones on the VMedia site that come up during the sign-up process, so it should be good to go. I'm guessing when I actually enter the MAC address in the sign-up process, it might possibly flag something. Either way, I'm not too worried about it.