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Switch from Cable to FTTN- No phone jack near TV/Vbox/Modem

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  • Switch from Cable to FTTN- No phone jack near TV/Vbox/Modem

    Hi there, just had some general questions about switching to FTTN from cable with the current offer (free install, no dry loop fee). I have contacted customer service through live chat twice and the people I spoke with did not know how to answer my questions.

    I am currently on the cable 25/2 grandfathered plan and was offered the FTTN/DSL with the promotion, 25m for the same price I'm currently paying. I just am having a hard time deciding whether FTTN will be better. We have been having trouble with our TV the past two months (lots of micro freezing) but the internet has been fine. Have made multiple calls into customer service and given the same answers each time (reset modem/router/vbox, hard reset, and on tech support's advice we purchased a new router). I would like to make the switch, but the problem is that we do not have a phone jack near where we keep our modem and tv/vbox, not even one in the same room.

    Is this detrimental to switching to FTTN? If my vbox had to be wireless all the time (currently we keep it connected via Ethernet) will we still experience the micro-freezing, or worse? Our tv/modem/router is on the main floor, and our wireless works great both upstairs and in the basement (TV's with wireless roku and ps4 work fine). If I go with FTTN and activate the phone jack in the basement (having my modem down there) will my wireless two floors up be spotty? And will my Tv and vbox connected wirelessly upstairs be a downgrade compared to the current cable and Ethernet-connected vbox?

    I'm sorry for the long post but I am really having trouble making this decision. Based on reading previous posts, this seems to be the best place to find valuable answers. Thank you in advance!

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    There are a number of things to consider with you setup, as what likely has been suggested to you in the past.

    FTTN is very good stable internet. It has advantages in regards to network stability over cable in my opinion.

    As far as modem placement is concerned, in regards to wireless use. It's always preferable to place your wireless access in the middle floors of your home. I like to place mine high, second floor of a three floor building, that will insure that everyone gets decent coverage. low placement of a wireless antenna (basement) is the least efficient placement.
    Things to consider when using wireless is the susceptibility of interference. Since it sounds like that your setup is in a house spectrum crowding may not be a issue in your area, keep in mind that that if someone decides to heat up that plate of nachos in the microwave in the kitchen during your favorite show, you may very well experience interference.
    Its always better to have your VBox wired directly to the modem. if not than an optimal location of the Vbox to the Wireless modem.

    With the new Vbox out, it is now possible to take advantage of the 5 MHz spectrum, which is less crowded then the 2.4 MHz spectrum. But for a lot of us that would mean purchasing a separate router capable of utilizing 2.5 and 5Mhz or adding an Access point to our current routers.

    I would consider having a phone jack installed in the room that you currently have cable modem and VBox. It'll save you a lot of headaches in the future.