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  • TSN in a theme package

    Anyway you could look at including TSN in one of the Sports Theme Packs? Just thinking, Skinny ($17.95), plus Sports package with TSN and Sportsnet and other sports channels (say $20), plus Kids combo ($6.45) = everything I need for $44.40. Right now I have to pay $44.95 for Premium Basic to get TSN and Sportsnet (which comes with a ton of channels I don't need or want) plus Kids Combo ($6.45) total of $51.40. Not a huge difference, but would just feel better paying for the actual channels I need/want.

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    TSN is not available to us in a theme pack, or as a standalone channel, currently. We offer all channels in either theme packs and/or as standalone that we are able to - but presently it is up to the Channel/Distributor to determine how they wish to make their content available. This will change though in 2016. By March all channels will need to available in a small theme pack, and by Decemeber they will need to be made available as standalone as well.