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  • Changing TV packages online

    It is very straight forward to add/remove TV theme packs on the website, however, I can not figure out how to change TV packages (ie basic to premium basic or vice versa). I can 'add' premium basic, however, the checkout says it is going to charge me the cost of premium on top of the cost of the basic (double charged). As well, is there a way to change from premium to basic on the website?

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    Changing base TV subscription is not yet an available option through My Account. We'll likely add this feature in the future. Currently, you will need to reach out to our Customer Care Team by phone and they will be able to facilitate this request. 1-855-333-8269.


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      Thanks for clarifying Matt. While I can understand not wanting to make it too easy for people to downgrade their package (as a business it makes sense to have sales people try to save the downgrade), you should however make it a priority to add the ability to upgrade online. I have been thinking about upgrading for a while, and would have a long time ago if I could easily do it online. I just haven't found the time to call, which unfortunately means lost revenue for Vmedia.