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  • Changing DSL Plan

    I want to know if this is a system hiccup or for real. I am on FTTN 15 and want to switch to FTTN 25 as the new pricing is only $1 more. But in trying to request the speed change on the website under My Account it is telling me the change fee is $100??? How could a speed change cost more than the installation fee of $65? Is this for real?

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    From my understanding 6 and 15 are both offered from the ADSL service and 25 and 50 are VDSL. Bell treats ADSL to VDSL or VDSL to ADSL as new installs, which is why the cost is $100. Bell charges them this charge, which is why it's passed. I think it's RIDICULOUS, but it's what is charged by Bell.


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      Something still doesn't seem right. It says on the VMedia website a brand new install is free installation right now but only if you were switching from cable, otherwise it is $65. So I would be better off cancelling and reordering then? Something seems horribly wrong here.


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        Unfortunately the billing processes from the incumbent providers don't always make the most sense. A speed change isn't exactly the same as a new installation, but it does require a technician be dispatched and there is a $100 fee we're billed when submitting this type of request. It's the same price that we're billed for new installations if not coming from cable, but we subsidize this a little bit on our side for new customers.


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          Hi Matt appreciate the details. Might I suggest that this type of "ancillary fees" be listed somewhere on the website? I have both cable and DSL and I've made speed changes to cable a few times and have been used to the $10 change fee, so imagine my shock when I found out a speed change for DSL costs $100. I understand it is out of your control however had I known about this prior to getting DSL I never would have gone with it. Thanks.