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    I logged into my account and noticed Home Security option - sound intriguing - is it iOS compatible ? is there a web version ?
    who answer the call ? is it a call centre? do the police come or private cars?

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    Good catch

    Just a soft launch for now, but we're busy working on final details, and more information/FAQ will be up on our website in the coming weeks. We'll do a formal announcement shortly as well.

    iOS - We'll have an iOS client available at formal launch. Same with Android.

    Web Version - We'll have basic functionality/online check available in My Account shortly.

    Who Answers the Call - We're working with a reputable certified central monitoring station. They will handle any alerts sent from our Home Security equipment. Monitoring is not being done by our own call centre.

    Who comes: Local authorities by default. We also offer private security guard response for an additional $4.95 per month.


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      thanks for the info so far..
      also the million dollar question - i have a total connect system by honey well.. i would love if we can control my door locks and lights - they are z wave.. are you able to control z wave options?

      is there a registration fee for police to show? i remember paying that already..
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        We use z wave as well, but at least initially we will only support hardware from VMedia. May consider allowing 3rd party devices in the future.


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          i think "smart" home is something you should embrace - it will assist in gaining traction as there are many 'vendors' now entering the home monitoring sector.. which are supporting 3rd party options.. I think the door locks would be your biggest asset and light switches.


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            Absolutely! Burglary protection is a starting point for us, but we’re eager to additional features and smart functionality down the line.


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              I've been investigating home security and serveillance juse these last couple of weeks. I would love to see integegration with 'smart home' technology and have been looking at Samsung Smratthings. I would like to see outdoor cameras and recording supported.