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  • Internet Plan, price changes

    Hi I live in Oakville, and when I put in my postal code on your site, it's indicating that the regular cost of the plan is 64.95 (although there's a current promo for 49.95). I'm currently paying 74.95 a month for the same plan... is there a point at which the 64.95 a month pricing will be rolled out to existing customers?

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    Great question! We're evaluating our pricing currently after a recent CRTC decision to lower TPIA access rates, as well as a formal appeal of this launched by some of the incumbents. As a result, there is uncertainly currently with regard to what sustainable long term pricing will be, and we haven't made any proactive adjustments for our current customer base due to this. We're watching this very closely.

    We consider the pricing on our website to be promotional in nature and targeted to new customers, including both the regular price and 3 month initial discount. However, we're very happy to offer an adjustment to our posted regular price to any to any existing customers upon request, should there be any difference to what you are currently paying. Our Customer Care Team can apply this by phone, chat, or email, or feel free to send me a PM with your customer ID and I'll take a look.


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      With the new lower internet prices I'd like to upgrade my speed, even though I'd have to buy a new cable modem. The problem is the list of modems supported by VMedia only includes ONE modem that doesn't use the flawed Puma chip set, and that modem (TP-Link TC7650) is completely unavailable. This leaves me trying to decide whether to keep my existing speed and call to have the price lowered to the new price, or perhaps wait for a little while if there's any chance VMedia is going to start supporting cable modems that don't use Puma?


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        Unfortunately the bulk of TPIA approved modems at the moment utilize the Puma 6 chipset. The exceptions being the TP-Link TC7650 and SmartRG SR808ac, which are Broadcom based.


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          Hi Matt, the SmartRG SR808ac isn't in the list of compatible modems on the VMedia web site. Is it approved for use with VMedia internet?


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            Its approved, website should be updated in the next few days.


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              Great point Krank. And you are not alone.
              I noticed that the services I have are being offered at less that what I'm paying.
              I quick call to Customer Service fixed that as they were helpful and accommodating in changing (lowering) the rate on my plan.

              Not sure why this was adjusted universally for existing clients.
              I realize there's a financial hit, but informing your clients goes a long way to integrity and loyalty. What a great marketing piece that would have been.

              The best news is that Vmedia has some of the most competitive rates around the GTA,


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                We agree in principle Vidiot1 and would have liked to either lower pricing, or increase speeds, across our customer base, but regrettably it is not quite as clear-cut as you would expect.

                The current pricing on the website is based on recent CRTC wholesale pricing adjustments which lowered third party provider access fees. These changes were meant to be final. However, a handful of the incumbent providers are now challenging the new rates set by the CRTC, and we do not know what final costing will be at the moment. We're awaiting a ruling on this, which may drag out over many months.

                As a result of this challenge, the previous (higher) rates are still in place for us. There is much uncertainly with regard to how this challenge will unfold, and whether or not lower wholesale pricing will be upheld. Because of this, we aren't in a position that allows us to lower pricing or increase speed across our entire base, without leaving us financially exposed.

                We're happy to process rate adjustments upon request, but have to wait for a final decision to be made on wholesale access costing before we can consider adjustments across our customer base as a whole.

                Hope that provides some insight


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                  Thank you Matt - as usual you provide good insight and the type of communication we expect from an organization like Vmedia
                  (Now if only we can avoid those service interruptions during sports games! :P)