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Awful customer service last night

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  • Awful customer service last night

    I would just like to say I am disgusted with your customer service last evening while I was at a member of my family's house that has vmedia he had very slow internet speeds 2.5 for cable 30 package so when I called customer service they point blanc told me to suck it up so my family member get fed up and canceled the TV and will be canceling the internet soon .... I hope I fix your problems or I am done as a customer aswell

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    Agree completely except this was the last straw, Rogers activates Wednesday. Wanted it to work vmedia but you aren't ready for business.


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      Interesting how Vmedia didn't respond to the OP's post. Also EXTREMELY disappointed with vmedia, fail after fail. George should just copy and paste his 'apology message' every 2 months, that should cover you....jumping ship soon, don't want to sink....


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        I'm very sorry for this koolguy1122, it sounds like your family member was transferred to our TPIA network and is experiencing a slowdown in the evenings, which unfortunately will be ongoing until upgrades are completed on June 8 (as you already know). Was this not communicated during the call?


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          Well said Dlandry. With the exception of Matt and Leshka (and Jennifer if she still works there?), I haven't communicated with anybody that I had any confidence that they knew what they were talking about...


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            Hi sjessop,
            I am sorry to hear that. Can you please PM me your account number so that I can look into this?
            I need to check if the slow speed that you are experiencing is not a result of RF issue on your line.