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Why can't I switch to TheSkinny TV package online?

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  • Why can't I switch to TheSkinny TV package online?

    I was considering downgrading from Basic, but when I go to my account online, I don't have the option to switch - it tells me to call in if I want to subscribe to that package. All the other (more expensive) packages have the option enabled.

    Is there a reason for this? I hope it's not just so that you can upsell me. I generally prefer to make changes myself online whenever possible - calling in is a pain, and I haven't always had the best experience with your phone reps.

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    Hello drmiller,

    You should absolutely be able to downgrade your TV package online. This can be done by logging in to your My Account at and selecting the Manage TV option under the TV section of your account profile.

    You'll be brought to a "build your TV package" page which will have your current TV services listed. Here you can select change under the TV Packages, and make your new package selection. Is this not your experience?

    Note: TV package upgrades occur immediately, however, TV package downgrades will take place at the end of the current billing cycle.


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      Matt - this has never been the case. The option to downgrade is always greyed out and says to call to subscribe.


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        This is what I see when I try to change my TV package online:

        Screen Shot 2020-01-16 at 9.33.39 AM.png
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          Thanks for checking. This was our initial logic but we pushed an update a while ago to change ability here and may have inadvertently reverted at some point. Will investigate.


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            Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but this is still a problem. I upgraded to Premium Flex because of the promotion, and now I want to downgrade back to TheSkinny, but both it and Basic say to call in to order. Again, only the more expensive options can be selected online.

            Side note, there needs to be a callback option for when people are forced to call in to make changes. I'm currently on hold with no indication of how long the queue is - could be minutes or hours, I have no idea.


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              I can't believe I can't cancel a service online in 2022. I work all day, come home after business hours and am now stuck likely paying for another month I can't afford for a television service I don't actually use. Disappointing.