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  • 24-hour news channels

    Will VMedia be joining the other major carriers and offering the Cdn 24 hour news channels to all subscribers during the Covid-19 pandemic? "CBC News Network is now available to all subscribers on Bell TV, ****, Cogeco and Eastlink. Rogers and TELUS Optik TV have also made News Network available to all their TV subscribers."

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    Great question! We're reviewing offers currently available to us and are awaiting authorization from various channels to offer their service on special free preview. Hope to release details in the coming days. Stay tuned


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      I have such channels, and I'll say this...
      Don't get your news from the mainstream media (MSM)!

      You're better off not listening to the 24/7 panic-inducing BS these stations are pumping out on COV19 right now.
      They did the same thing with SARS, MERS, and H1N1. Just like now, everyone did an immediate run on the grocery stores, and the MSM kept feeding more panic to them.

      It's a travesty how much propaganda comes from these MSM "news" channels.
      Yes, I'm talking about CBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, CTV, CNN, Fox, MSNBC, Bloomberg, and all the supposed "trusted sources" everyone's filling their brains with. They're all owned by the same half-dozen groups, who have no interest in telling you what's really happening here, or anywhere else in the world.

      My 2 cents.