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    New service launching in October all across Canada for Mobile users. I listened to an 30 minute tech talk about this company yesterday and it sounded amazing, Have a look, every month, what ever data isn't used gets rolled over to next months, if you want to pass some megs onto someone else, you can, etc.. have a look a the features. I signed up for a free "test" sim hopefully I get one. No roaming anywhere in canada... Looking for other peoples input into this as well.

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    They want $10 for 100mb (same as what every other provider charges). Pointless, since it's really just an app that's using your data. There are already apps out there, like Fongo that do the same thing and you don't need to switch providers to do it.


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      by the coverage map, they ride either ROGERS or Bell/Telus, which is why the price for data is what it is.


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        I already receive unlimited world texts with koodo - at no charge, plus if I travel - I buy the add on for free unlimited roaming calls and 250 MBs for $40.. not sure how this company will survive. I hope people are not so naive thinking its a deal. Plus when I am on wifi - which most of the US has for free on practically every street corner - you have free data.
        $40 add on for US Unlimited minutes
        250 MB of data
        Unlimited outgoing texts
        Free incoming texts


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          Thank Sradonic, I was only looking for ways to cut some costs... Like switching form R... to Vmedia... I am already with Koodo, we pay 121 taxes included for 3 cell phones. I was simply seeking some input from this forum as I enjoy hearing from a lot of you after reading most of your posts, there's a lot of knowledge in this forum That's all. My plan and my wifes is 1 gig data unlimited talk and text.. My daughter is 200 min for 28 a month.