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**** Seeks to Crank Up Wholesale Rates to Independent ISPS

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  • **** Seeks to Crank Up Wholesale Rates to Independent ISPS

    VMedia has taken a strong position on new wholesale and retail internet rates that **** is trying to jam through the CRTC and onto consumers. If this is a sign of things to come, Canadians homes will be giving up a very substantial chunk of their hard-earned wages to pay for an essential, and cheap, service. Our efforts to publicize this outrage have begun, and some coverage can be seen here: In a nutshell, they are now charging their customers $90 for a 60 Mbps service, and are asking the CRTC to let them charge independent ISPs $73 wholesale for the same service. There is, obviously, no way that independent ISPs can compete and offer cheaper alternatives in their market, so it will be curtains for affordable internet. Tell your friends, tell everyone, this will not stop with that market. It is a far greater issue than UBB ever was.