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  • VMedia Referral Policy

    Over the last month or so, I've had a few people ask me about my VMedia experiences because they're getting sick of paying "the big guys".

    It made me wonder: Does VMedia have a referral policy? Perhaps a flat rate $25 account credit? Or a free month of services? Or a $5/month on-going discount as long as both people remain customers?
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    We're working on an automated referral program currently, should hopefully be able to roll it out in the coming months.


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      Sounds good. Thanks for the information. I'm interested to see/know what the plan will be, but I guess I'll find that out when it's released.


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        We're still working out the exact details as to what would be offered - our primary focus at the moment is on building out an automated system that will track and apply whatever the "offer" ends up being. I don't think your suggestions are too far off though, will likely be something along those lines.


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          would be nice to see I know I have managed to get 1 friend to join vmedia, I've got another friend who told me they are now looking at vmedia thanks to me so yeah be nice to hear what referral policy there is