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VMedia Services in a new home

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  • VMedia Services in a new home

    Looking to get packaged up with Vmedia but the call center tells me I cannot have service with a new home ?
    What can or do I need to do in order to get your services ? Any help would be appreciated and happy holidays

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    I could be wrong, but for a new home wouldn't this just be an installation fee (cable/phone lines will be installed regardless) for the incumbent to send a technician to hook everything up? Maybe George will see this because I'm curious as well in the event I happen to build a new home again down the road.


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      That's what I thought the $65 was for installation. But apparently the cannot setup a new line unless the (Big 3) have already had a current existing line there before. But I hope to hear from George on what can be done about this.


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        I just purchased a new built home in OCT, 2013. I had VMEDIA installed 2 days after I moved in. They never mentioned anything to me about not being able to get service because the house was new. I did just have to pay the installation fee. Vmedia sent a Rogers tech for the install, he was pretty useless though, when he showed up he apparently didn't see my car in the driveway and reversed directly into it. No significant damage, just scratches on the bumper. Don't even know how that was possible. Then he said because it was a new home and there wasn't any wiring to the cable box he would have to run a temporary line and that they would have to send out a "trenching crew" to fish the line through the conduit that runs from my basement to the box that is 2 houses down. I'm 100% positive unless I call and do a ton of complaining they will not send anyone back, and I will have the cable line running through my eavestrough and hanging down over my front porch forever. Good luck with your install.


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          Hi sorry to have neglected the forum for so long, but between the fibre cut, and then issues getting our forum back up(it too crashed for a few days) our focus was elsewhere. regarding new homes, the fact is that until facilities are built in by the cable company or telco wiring the neighbourhood, independent ISPs can't serve people. I hope that is clearly what you have been told by Tech Support. With respect to TV once you are getting VMedia's internet service, TV is no problem. Typically developers(I assume that is what is meant by a new home, like in a new subdivision) ensure that the cable and telco wiring is in place very shortly after you move in. What have you been told regarding the installation of facilities by your builder, Dubdout?