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  • A few questions

    I am planning to get the cable 45 internet and TV in the next couple of months.
    I currently have ******** and when I called them, they cannot touch the prices here at vmedia.

    I do have a few questions...

    1. Do I need to have vmedia internet in order to get the TV programming from them?
    2. Currently I do not have cable coming into my house. Does the setup fee include you guys bringing cable into my house as well as connecting it up?
    3. When is PVR coming to the VBOX? Will it require a new VBOX or just a firmware update? Will it use an external hard drive? This is very important to me and I may have to hold off getting the TV until I can PVR my shows.
    4. I do not see the CW on the TV list. Is this channel in one of the packages?
    5. Can anyone in the London area get the London Knights games like they can on Rogers?

    Can anyone north of London give any feedback on the service?

    I would love to hear how things are working.


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    I'll answer what I can of these, a few I'm unsure of:

    1) Yes.
    2) I'm not sure if the installation covers that, but are you currently on TSI DSL if you have no cable line running into the house?
    5) Isn't that broadcast on Rogers channels? I don't tend to watch the Knights games but the Rogers channels themselves aren't included

    I am in far north London (north of Sunningdale between Adelaide and Highbury) so hopefully this is close enough. In general the service has been working well since I went active October 31st. On the 25/2 cable package I am seeing some slowdowns during peak hours (9-10:30) where I hit 10-12Mbps max but the IPTV continues to stream fine for the most part. I am not sure if this is local node congestion, or capacity issues at the POI but I used to see some slowdowns while on Rogers as well at peak hours. I went the route of purchasing the VBox from Canada Computers on Wharncliffe, and ordered the modem through VMedia and the peak slowdowns aside, the connection has been just as stable if not more so than my Rogers used to be on the same profile.

    Overall though I have been happy with the service, family/friends have come by to check it out for themselves and they have been impressed as well. I personally don't watch a lot of sports so I can't comment on those broadcasts; however so far as general show viewing is concerned, and the difference in price, I have no complaints.


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      Yes I am using DSL 15 with TSI right now but I want to switch to cable
      PVR is a must for me so I guess I will have to wait to sign up when PVR is available. I see that ****** has TV as well and they have a DVR so I really hope it comes soon or I may need to go with them


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        Is there even a box on the outside of your residence for Rogers, or nothing at all? As long as the coax is coming from the node to that point I would THINK the installation fee would include Rogers hooking that up/ensuring signal strengths are proper but if there is nothing from the node, I have no clue how that works when it comes to TPIA.