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A bit of confusion so far...

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  • A bit of confusion so far...


    I am one of those who are not afraid of change and so it is the reason why I decided to switch from Bell Fibe to Vmedia for a price reason but also for those 3 years contracts etc... that I hate.

    Now, let's share my experience so far, while I am without internet and using the internet of my very nice neighbor.

    - Dec.18, 2013: I decide to cancel Bell and suscribe to Vmedia the same day
    - Early Jan. 2014: Vmedia reach me to ask me for the cancellation # I should have gotten from Bell
    - Early Jan. 2014: I provide everything I have from Bell but it does not work and Vmedia tells me that Bell did not receive my cancellation date (not too surprising if true)
    - Jan. 15, 2014: I reach Vmedia requesting asap an installation date since I suscribed 1 month ago and I reach Bell myself to make sure they will not tell Vmedia I did not cancel. That day, the person over the phone tells me they are going to provide me with an installation date the day after etc.
    - Jan. 16, 2014: Somebody calls me to tell me that my installation day is Jan 24.
    - Jan. 18, 2014: Disconnection from Bell Services
    - Jan. 22, 2014: I am getting nervous as I took a day off from work on the 24 to be able to be home for the installation but I still do NOT HAVE the modem and nobody confirmed the installation date so I call Vmedia and they tell me that they don't know who told me that and they don't have an installation date.
    - Jan. 23, 2014 around 12pm: Vmedia calls me to tell me that my new installation date is for Jan. 28 and that I will receive an email to confirm the installation date which will trigger the modem shipment.
    - Jan. 23, 8pm: Still no email to confirm the installation date.... GETTING A BIT FRUSTRATING...

    Overall so far, Jennifer was great helping me but some people were not as nice and helpful. I took a day off from work for nothing.... and I still don't have vmedia up and running more than 1 month after paying for the services and they already took the payment for the 1st month while the services did not start yet.

    Again, a bit frustrating knowing that I couldn't help them much more than I did even though I never expected a very smooth transition.

    Will provide an update later on ....

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    When moving from rogers to vmedia i received the email confirming installation, this is problem number one. Did you receive the modem yet or are you waiting on that as well? If bell is anything like rogers they will need 30 days cancellation before vmedia can be activated. Sorry i have only dealt with cable so not sure of bell's processes and timelines.


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      Vmedia can be activated at my place since Jan. 18 and still no news about the modem or the confirmation of installation date.


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        I dont understand why they wouldnt send the modem out yet. Assuming no changes to your line are necessary all you should need is the modem and login.


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          END OF THE STORY;
          Jan 24 or 25: Get an email to confirm installation date for Jan 28. I am calling Vmedia to make sure I will have the modem was not shipped yet.
          Jan 28: I am staying home to manage everything. I did not expect it, but Fedex delivers the modem around 1pm, 2 hours later, the technician comes to "install" internet. But did not have anything to do actually.
          I plugged the modem, I did not know but my client # was the wifi password. Everything worked very well, did a speed check, almost exactly 25mb in download... pretty rare to have what you paid for nowadays in Canada.
          I am very impressed by the wifi modem provided btw, since it reaches the 3rd floor with absolutely no pb while my previous one (which had an antenna) could not !!!!!
          So my story actually ends pretty well. I am very satisfied by the speed and the modem. The way to get there was a bit hectic but that is the price of change sometimes.