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Is Wifi connection OK from Vbox to TV?

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  • Is Wifi connection OK from Vbox to TV?

    I have one last question before signup.

    My Phone lines are not in proximity to TV and no options to move them. Is Wifi connection acceptable from Vbox to TV as I plan DSL for Internet? If not, I have to go with Cable (though the cost adds up)

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    I've always used Wifi and had no issues whatsoever on my 15mb connection. I would get more than just DSL 6 tho, if you have more than one TV.


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      If you have a reliable Wifi network then it can work just fine. I run my Vbox via a wifi connection and it runs just fine, but if you live in an area with lots of wifi access points/congestion (apartment building/condos) you'll definitely want to figure out a way to hard wire it.

      An alternative to wifi is Ethernet over power lines, basically you can create a network by using your house wiring by plugging in a special adapter at each end (close to the modem/router, and a 2nd close to the TV/Vbox). Don't quote me, but I believe I saw those adapters on offer through VMedia.


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        Thanks to both of you. Quick response and helps me for sure!


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          i have one connected over wifi and one connected with powerline adapter. wifi is fine in areas with strong signal. detecting internet connection on start up is slightly slower on wifi.


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            i have wifi - my wifi is placed in the centre of my home on the second floor of my ceiling and I have another in the basement in the centre of my house, they are set up as a cluster with roaming feature.. so I have the house well saturated. Worst case scenario you can buy a repeater and repeat your wifi if you need to. But that said I am enjoying TV with wifi.. sometimes we have the occasionally glitch, like sound or tv breaking up, but I am living with it.


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              Wifi user checking in. I live in a condo with a gang of access points with no issues; even downloading a file at 5 megabits a second. but I did set my routers channel an unpopular one.