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  • SmartRG SR505N

    Any chance of the SmartRG modem being brought back instead of the current Sagemcom?

    From what I've read, the Sagemcom doesn't support full 50/10 speeds in bridge mode but the SmartRG does.

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    I spoke to support about a week ago regarding a replacement for my SmartRG which I bought from Vmedia after signing up. They agreed to swap the modem for another SmartRG (I think mine is defective) but they had no stock. They offered to test my modem if I brought it in and offered to replace it with a Sagemcom if it was.

    Sounds like they are not planning to bring them back anytime soon. It's a shame, because the Sagemcom is bell branded and huge. Not to mention the speed is limited to about 35mb in bridge mode. That being said, if you are not using the Sagemcom in bridge mode, you should get full speed with the Sagemcom.

    I hate these modem/router combos. I understand it's an easier sell but I wish they'd offer a simple modem without all the router crap. I already own a 150$ + router, why would I have my modem do the routing. Sigh.. I miss the days of ADSL, you could get a modem for $30 down the street.


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      Exactly... I have my $200 RT-AC66U running Tomato and configured the way I want. I'd rather not use some gimped modem/router combo.

      Hopefully the SmartRG comes back soon since all the other providers only sell it. Nobody else is offering these Sagemcom's anymore. Likewise, VMedia wants $100 for installation and everyone else charges $50.
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