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Need to downgrade my DSL. Any fees?

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  • Need to downgrade my DSL. Any fees?


    As the title says. I want to downgrade my DSL service to a cheaper/slower tier.
    Im currently on VDSL2 25/10 plan using a SmartRG SR505N

    I want to switch from that 25/10 to a DSL6 service. Im still gonna be using my own modem.
    What are the fees if any that I have to pay for the switch? And how fast can it be done?


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    You can use same modem but you will need to reconfigure it. It is possible that we may be able to push new config to it without your involvement. It depends on the firmware of smartrg. In terms if fees, I beleive we could waive it but it would be better to open a ticket with us to have them check with Bell if visit is required.


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      yeah i put in a ticket about this. Since DSL6 would be ADSL SmartRG or other modems will be able to work with it. I can configure it myself. ATM vs PTM for the different services, and all the other technical stuff inside my house.