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    My mom just phoned me and said her internet went up for DSL15. She signed up in December when the price was already higher so please tell me why she would see another $5 increase effective March 1st. Plus she only got the email today about it.

    Please let me know as she is very close to cancelling her DSL

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    Are you sure? I just got an email about TV price increase. For Premium Basic it's a $5.00 increase.


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      Yep she received an email today. She only has DSL15 and no TV service and it was raised $5 to $39.99.
      She is very upset


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        Interesting. I have DSL 15/1 as well and as of this month I'm paying $39.95 before the discount. Of course a get a $4.00 discount because I already subscribe to TV.


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          I received this email today. What the hell is going on and why and email again today when they already raised the prices.

          We are writing to you to advise you of upcoming changes in our pricing structure for our TV services. This is a very difficult process for us. As you know, it has been at the core of VMedia's mission to provide an affordable alternative to the major players for Canadian consumers, with the objective of providing top-quality service at prices substantially lower than that of our competitors, large and small.
          In pursuit of that objective we launched our business in April, 2013, with the best internet and TV prices in the market, measured against comparable services. We have kept those prices unchanged for almost two years now, against the pressures of increased programming costs, significant upgrades in the completion of our TV packages, as well as the increasing cost of bandwidth.
          TV Services
          With respect to our TV services, we have made major upgrades to our broadcasting facilities, added new channels, such as the three new TSN regional channels, introduced both VCloudTV and client-side PVR, and upgraded many channels from SD to HD, including CNNHD and HLNHD.
          In addition we completed the acquisition of virtually all the channels available in our market, including the remaining elements of our Premium Basic package, such as TLCHD, PeachtreeTVHD, and the Sportsnet regional channels.
          We have also faced two annual increases in the wholesale costs of our channels including the first stage of the much-publicized increases to the Sportsnet channels, as well as additional costs which began to apply after we passed the threshold of 2000 subscribers over a year ago. In that time, we have absorbed all of those costs in our desire to keep prices as low as possible. However, our margins have been impacted, and it is no longer feasible to maintain those prices, and be able continue to provide and improve on our TV services.
          However, notwithstanding the changes to our prices which we will be introducing as of March 1, our prices will continue to remain among the lowest in the market, and the savings that our subscribers will enjoy can be as high as $1000 per year with some of our triple play bundles, which we have recently introduced. Details of those bundles can be found
          Our TV price changes will be as follows, and will be reflected in your invoices as of Apr 01, 2015.
          Basic will change to $29.95 - This still compares very favourably with the equivalent packages offered by the major players, of $40.48 and $41.48.
          Premium Basic will change to $44.95 - This still compares favourably with the equivalent packages offered by the major players of $56.95 and $63.99.
          As we pointed out, this change relates largely to the completion of the packages and the absorption of new costs. In the future, barring market dislocations, any changes will be substantially less as they will only take into account normal year over year increased wholesale costs for our TV services.
          Some of our theme pack prices will also change, none of them more than a dollar except forSportsFan(without Premium Basic) and SportsMan (without Premium Basic), which will increase by $2.50, again principally on account of increased Sportsnet costs.
          The details of the results of price adjustments to your monthly bill can be found in your My Account portal.
          We remain committed to providing high-quality, ever-improving TV, internet and home phone services which, especially in bundles, can provide the best values and most generous savings in the market. After considering our increases, and most competitive prices in the marketplace, we hope you will agree.
          Thank you, and best regards,


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            Hi BladeZX thanks for printing this. Did your TV already go up? Please send me your ID so I can check your notifications history. The bottom line is, are you being charged more than the amounts described in the e-mail? Like, is Basic now more than $29.95, or Premium Basic more than $44.95?