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    I have only been a VMedia customer since the end of December 2014. While signing up I pointedly asked the rep how long my internet price would be good for. He assured me the price would never rise as long as I remained with VMedia in the chosen plan. Well…I received an email yesterday informing me that the price for my internet service was going to rise by $5.00 a month. I haven't even been a customer for 3 full months yet. I sent a note to CS and was told that's the way it is, Bell raises it's prices and so do we, oh and BTW can I help you with anything else? To be clear, it isn't the $5.00 it is the principal of the thing…I don't like being lied to. So someone was totally misinformed here…(guess it was me), unless the reps are not provided with the proper information. Then tonight the service goes down. Like I said NOT IMPRESSED!

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    Very disappointed the price is going up considering the service is extremely unreliable...


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      Yeah, that rep was badly misinformed, and if they're giving out that kind of information, somebody at VMedia should look into what rep you talked to in order to make sure they're not telling anybody else that.