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New email regarding the switch to rogers internet

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  • New email regarding the switch to rogers internet

    I am ok with paying the 20$ transfer fee to now have rogers be my supplier insted of cik. The new page in the transfer requires me to change my modem. I currently own my modem. Why would I need another docsis 3 modem?

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    Am I still going to be paying the same amount? Getting the speeds i pay for and should be getting? What are the real advantages to transferring?


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      I received the same email as well, I came from Rogers before switching to Vmedia ,... with them I used the same model of modem which is Thomson 476, I believe that I would not have to buy a new modem to have Rogers again..... is this some sort of cash grab thing or am I missing something.....

      Required Modem

      You will need the new cable modem. You can purchase for $79.95 or rent it for $5.95/month.
      Cable Modem SB6141

      Motorola SURFboard SB6141 DOCSIS 3.0 High-Speed Cable Modem. Please note this modem does not have WiFi built in.
      Shipping fee of $14.95 will be added to your modem purchase/rent.
      Rent option only $5.95/month + $59.95 refundable deposit.

      Purchase option $99.95 one time purchase price.

      VMedia Transfer Plan

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        If you have an approved cable modem, you will indeed be able to use it if you decide to transfer to direct TPIA. Looks like we need to update the website to include a "I have my own compatible modem" option. We will make this change and ensure its up by tomorrow at the latest.

        If anyone is curious about whether their modem is compatible, you can check here:


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          Is pricing staying the same?


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            Pricing for the 30mbps and 60mbps plans will remain at the same rates.


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              What are the benefits?


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                The main benefits are outlined in the email. They include the ability for support to respond quicker to service related issues - as we would go through Rogers directly instead of an intermediary, as well as the ability to ensure our network is maintained and optimized in a way which responds to our growth and usage habits, as capacity and utilization strategy is entirely in our control.


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                  So will I start actually getting the speeds I pay for??


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                    Originally posted by Dino View Post
                    So will I start actually getting the speeds I pay for??
                    I would assume so. At least up to 75% during peak as they have stated is their ideal worst case scenario.


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                      Will this be effecting all Cable modem subscribers? I'm in Kitchener-Waterloo Area.


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                        Is there gonna be any other speed option besides the 30 and 60mb plans? Like 100mb etc..


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                          I have 2 modems if someone is interested in buying one from me.... Pm me


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                            Will current customers who choose not to switch now be forced to do so at some point in time? Say, when the existing contract with vMedia's "intermediary ISP service" expires? If that is the case, will vMedia eat the cost of transferring those that remain to the new provider?

                            Also, just a note on the modem compatibility page:
                   While its specified what hardware version/revision is required for each modem model, it is not always obvious where that information can be found on the modem itself. A few pictures highlighting the required information from said equipment would save many calls to vMedia support - just a thought as I had a hard time figuring out where the Hardware version number was on my modem during registration and had to ask a CSR.


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                              Hi shanicus,

                              Good point, hardware/fw version is usually located on a sticker on the physical box, or can be checked from within the modem UI. Will look into getting some images put up on the website indicating this as well.

                              Regarding the "transfer" option, those who wish to remain on CIK will be able to do so indefinitely, there will be no requirement to switch moving forward.