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Bundle Price Promo + Dry Loop Fee

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  • Bundle Price Promo + Dry Loop Fee

    I need to make some changes to my account. I was speaking with Sales who transferred me to Billing, Billing then put me on hold to find out the answers and after being on hold for a while the line simply hungup on me. Once again Vmedia's customer service seems to be needing improvements.

    I called to upgrade my service and add a new service. I thought I would have received a more enthusiastic response when calling to add and upgrade services. Instead the representatives seemed annoyed to answer the questions. Anyway I will post my questions here, hopefully it will help, otherwise I will just move on. I want to support Vmedia and bring competitiveness but I've experienced plenty of service outages and constant poor response everytime I call Vmedia.

    Anyway the reason I called:

    I wish to upgrade my DSL 6 to DSL 15.
    I am cancelling my Bell phone line and wish to add a Vemdia home phone.
    I am guessing that it means Dry Loop Fee but since I'm adding the Vmedia Home Phone can this be waived? I was told it can be waived for DSL 6 but I wanted to clarify if it can be waived for the higher DSL 15 as well? If I go with DSL 15, IPTV and include the Home Phone is there any Bundle Discount or break on the DSL 15 installation fee?
    Please get back to me ASAP. I've given my Bell landline cancellation notice and I'd like to figure out my internet/tv/phone solution soon and figure out which company would make the best sense for me.

    Thank you.

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    Hi Mulderrash,

    If there is no underlying Bell landline to provision service on, a dry-loop would be applicable at $8/month, and Bell would also need to complete an installation ($99.95) as you're moving between a legacy connection (DSL 6) and FTTN.

    If you have both TV and Internet, there will be a discount applied to your internet service to bring the rate to $35.95, from $39.95.


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      Matt thanks for the quick reply. I have a recorded chat with Vmedia rep confirming that Dry Loop fee can be waived for DSL 6 if I add the Home Phone. So are you sure the fee can't be waived if I add the higher DSL 15 option with the home phone?


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        HI mulderrash,

        Yes, the chat agent was correct. We are able to waive the dry loop fee when taking a triple play bundle with DSL 6, but this fee would apply for FTTN speeds (15/25/50).