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  • The Skinny Package plus TSN

    Is there a way to subscribe to the Skinny package and purchase a TSN package on the side? I see there are sports packages I can compliment it with, however, none of them include TSN. Do you know if there are any plans to include a TSN only package or add TSN to the current sports packages?

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    Per the CP24 thread on this same topic. By March 2016 all channels must be available for subscription per a standalone subscription. I assume at this point VMedia will offer a sports package that has TSN+Sportsnet that would gets cheaper based on whether you have Skinny, Basic, Premium Basic. At least I hope.


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      Hi just to clarify on Hacksaw2085's point, the channel providers are required to offer all of their channels on either a standalone and pick a pack basis, or small theme pack basis i.e. not in basic, and not only in prmeium basic for example, starting March 2016, and MUST offer all their channels on on a standalone and pick a pack basis. I would not necessarily count on all the channels being in our UChoose store March 2016, unless there is consumer demand and pressure, but certainly by December 2016.


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        Let me say, this is a happy day for me because I have long been a very outspoken person for this concept to happen. It's about time!

        I just have some questions.

        A) Can current customers on Basic change to Skinny?

        B) Do we still get the discounts for having TV off our internet packages ($5.00 on average)?

        C) Do the American specialty networks have to be offered on their own as well, or are we still forced to take a package for those?

        D) Can Vmedia currently offer the ability to pick our own PACKS of channels NOW (as I'm sure most broadcasters do not want to offer them on their own before they have to) vs waiting for another year?

        E) Can March 2016 come any sooner


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          A) Yes.

          B) There is no $5 discount for Internet when being combined with TheSkinny TV subscription.

          C) American speciality channels will eventually be available in either pick-a-pack or small theme pack (as of March 2016). Can be added via uChoose or our current theme packs as present.

          D) We have an ANY TWENTY option available in uChoose now, where you can choose 20 channels currently available in uChoose at a rate of $1.50/channel. Many channels are available, but we are still not able to offer all channels in this manner yet. Availability is dependent on where the channel/distributor allows us to offer this at present. We expect more channels to come onboard are we near March 2016.

          E) We're excited as well, hence the early launch


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            F) for people who took the FTTN promo, will this mess up the free dry loop deal if they switch to skinny?


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              F) Not at all.


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                Hey Matt, side note. Now Vmedia already charged me on the 1st for my basic package but I would like to switch it to the skinny. Do I get refunded for the basic and then charged for the skinny or do I end up paying for both packages? If so I guess it would be better to switch on the last day of the month?


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                  Hi Gman,

                  TV plan changes would be processed for the next billing cycle, so if you wanted to change from the Basic TV package to TheSkinny, this change would be effective on July 1. You can make this change at anytime from now until the end of the month by touching base with our Customer Care Team @ 1-855-333-8269, and they will be happy to process this for you.


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                    Will the Channels currently available in Premium Basic eventually be available as UChoose? With TheSkinny being introduced, there seems to be a gap for people that want 1 or 2 of the premium basic channels (YTV, TSN, TLC, etc) but cant get them as part of uChoose.

                    PS kudos on being ahead of the game on this!
                    PPS I like that this was not announced ahead of time with false expectations - a second kudos for keeping the secret


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                      By March 2016 all channels will either be available in standalone or small theme pack format. By December 2016, all must be available in standalone format.

                      As soon as additional channels become available to us to offer in this method, we will allow them to be added individually to our base TV subscriptions.