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first and lowest priced skinny package?

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  • first and lowest priced skinny package?

    First? I was offered a basic package over 3 months a go at Rogers for the same price. They now have reduced the price, called basic lite for $14.99, 30 channels including CP24. If you beat them to uchoose channels that are actually available, then claim to be the first, otherwise just the first to creating a non descriptive name. Unless of course you going to really creative and change the name of the basic plus package to fat bastard.

    Introducing our new TV package, TheSkinny - and a whole new era in TV choice. TheSkinny is the lowest priced, basic package available in Canada today,

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    Please show me on Rogers web site this package you are referring to. The lowest package I can see is valued at $40


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      First, no question mark. If the package had CP24 it is not skinny basic, since the mandated skinny basic does not permit CP24 to be included. Also, our price is not a retention price, which is not really a price at all, and is certainly not a legitimate price if it is not available to everyone. But thank you for your input.


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        George, you know how they work, its matter of calling in. No, its not called skinny, its basic lite and they include other channels. Its legitimate to anyone who takes the time to call.


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          It is not a question about what they do, it is a question about how you get around to suggesting there is anything remotely misleading or inaccurate about how we characterize our service. What they do is fine, what you did with your post was wrong.

          We are not only technically right, but we are substantively right by any ethical standard of advertising and marketing. Which is alot more than can be said about many other of our competitors.Kindly turn your sights on them.