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  • Ownership Transfer.....

    I have just upgraded both my VBoxes to quad core, but alas only one is eligible for the trade in program as the other VBox is, as I now know, a first generation dual core VBox. My parents are going to sign up with VMedia, and I would like to give them the first generation VBox to keep their hardware costs down.

    Can this be done? Will my‚Äč old first generation dual core VBox work on their account?


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    It will work. Would just need to be detached from your account first though before they would be able to use it.

    Our Support Team can facilitate that for you. 1-855-333-8269.


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      Ok. Will get on it. Thanks, Matt!


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        If I upgrade to the 100 Mbps plan (and buy the new modem/router), I presume they can use my old modem, too?


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          It's likely possible. Which modem do you have? The only reason you wouldn't is if you are on a grandfathered plan currently with a modem which is no longer on the approved list.

          Edit: If you do this, you would need to upgrade to the 100mbps plan before they place their order. We can't process their order if the modem we are submitting is still attached to your active account.
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