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Solicitation Regarding Television Services

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  • Solicitation Regarding Television Services

    I just got a call from VMedia attempting to solicit television services. The call started with the representative asking if my internet service was up and running, since I had placed a call for service. I told the rep I most certainly did not call VMedia about problems with my service and I have had no problems to date.

    The rep kinda laughed and said "well, I'm calling to tell you about our television service." I couldn't get a word in edgewise to explain we are not interested in the television service as we don't watch television.

    I don't appreciate being solicited about television services, but more importantly, under the guise that I had problems with my internet. This is a deceptive marketing ploy and is something I would expect from VMedia's competitors. Not cool VMedia.
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    Hi Sarah,

    Could you please PM me your customer ID number so we can look into this for you?

    We do occasionally make outbound phone calls to our Internet Only customers to explain about our TV service (just a single time), but this should be a quick and friendly conversation with no pressure, and you are of course able to decline at anytime. I'm very sorry for the trouble and we will follow up with the agent in question to review and ensure that our processes are being followed. Thank you.