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Wanting to swtch plans - question

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  • Wanting to swtch plans - question

    Ok, so I have overall been fairly happy with Vmedia. frustrated with the TV more than anything as it locks up and and needs frequent reboots. So I see that there is a new double play offer for Premium TV (which I have) and 60 mbps cable internet (i Have 30). I'm thinking it will work out to around the same price with faster internet, which should benefit me doing multiple things. I try to call the customer service and they keep pushing me to online or self serve. I go in and see that for me to change internet speeds that there is a $20 fee for doing so,

    Surely this is a mistake so I chat online with a rep and she tells me this is true. My question is how can vmedia with a straight face charge this given no other company does this when switching speeds. It's not like I am switching from FTTN to cable, I am with vmedia, looking to change speeds for cable which I am on. This is crap no matter how you cut it. Again, maybe I would be ok with this if my service was perfect but is still buggy and I am 1 year in. Help me understand how this makes sense for you as a business to do this? PS Don't give me upstream provider excuse.

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    Speed change is $10 if its within the same network. $20 if moving between networks (ie: CIK to Rogers) because there is a transfer involved. We charge same rate that upstream provider bills us for these changes. PM me your customer ID and I will check that amount mentioned in your My Account is correct.


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      mtjwilliams, what is the double play offer exactly wonder if its only available to certain customers? Most bundles you get $5 off internet if you have premium basic.


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          So if I were to switch to 60 GB service for my next billing cycle my monthly cost would be 114.90 plus tax a month since I already have Premium basic?


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            That's correct. Bundle page just gives quick information and pricing about our current plans and packages. As we already discount all plans as much as possible, so there are no additional discounts or promotions on this page that aren't already available to all customers.

            If you make the switch, you'd need to pay upgrade fee for plan change, and wouldn't be able to take advantage of free 1st month TV promo as you would have already had this. For 60mbps (rogers) internet + PB price comes to $114.90 pre tax.


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              Sounds good, looks like I may switch to tpia, thx Matt

              Thank you mtjwilliams for bringing this to my attention.