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    Heres my issue... i dont need all the channels..i rarely do... and i was hoping to adjust my TV plan accordingly before i had to prepay for the premium basic for the March month... but this delay is making it pretty difficult to do so


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      Please check our website in next 2-3 hours


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        Fingers crossed...

        good sign (i think)

        We apologize for the inconvenience, but a system error has occured.

        Please try again later.

        If you require immediate assistance please call us: 1-855-333-VBOX (8269) or e-mail:


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          Well, with all new channels being "premium channels" (check the Premium tab - didn't notice the changes as expected the new channels to be in the uchoose section) being around $5.95 each, it makes adding a couple channels just as expensive as the larger packages. #fail


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            Ya... I have to say I'm very disappointed..

            The BIG dish and cable guys actually may work out cheaper for the same channels... I was hoping to see a build your own theme pack of 5 and 10 at a set price, as they do, but it doesn't appear that's happening.

            I'm going ot have to crunch some numbers...


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              yes, I agree, one of the other big providers has a much more attractive pick and pay package (10 for $20), similar to Vmedia uchoose, but with a lot more premium channels to choose from (AMC, Disney etc) and some even 2 for 1. Was truly hoping for Vmedia to be able to match this, but these same channels at Vmedia are vastly more expensive. too bad.


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                For those of us on the "Skinny" package, the new TSN PLUS pack at $7.95 is good news.

                I really have been waiting for FOX SPORTS RACING to be more affordable. The only way to get it is to pay $15.95 for the SportsMan pack - I only want the ONE channel. Would it be possible to add FOX SPORTS RACING to the Uchoose section as an individual channel?


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                  goodbye_cable - if you take the TSN PLUS option for $7.95, you might as well up your package to the Basic package. With the Basic package, you get a $5 discount on your internet (on most packages), so it brings down the cost of the Basic plan to $25. The same cost as Skinny plus TSN. But you get some other channels for no extra cost.


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                    I rather pay the same price for channels I WATCH vs a million I don't regardless if they are free or not. I don't like the idea of giving money to channels that don't deserve it. That to my knowledge was somewhat the point of all this..

                    It's like ordering coke and getting a million 7up for free or at a discount, when all you wanted was coke.

                    I just have to wonder if S-H-A-W and B-E-L-L are able to offer premium channels on a bundle discount at 20 to 37 dollars for 10, why can't the channel deals be given to companies like Vmedia so they can come up with their own plan.

                    I did the math.

                    Based on what channels we want in our home, we would be better to go with Premium Basic and add the few left over on their own.

                    We only want 16 channels at most PAST skinny basic, with Premium we would have majority that we don't want, and will not watch.

                    Just seems ridiculous.

                    The dish company I looked at worked out to $55.95 after tax for exactly what we wanted (Skinny + 16)

                    The Phone company worked out to $72 for TV before any bundle discounts which would end up being around the same as the dish company.

                    The cable company is mostly doing theme packs only, so I didn't even look at them.
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                      sure, that is fair, I was just pointing out that it doesn't take long to go from the cost of Skinny to the Basic cost or the Premium cost. Important to keep the $5 internet discount in mind as well when doing the number crunching (essentially means basic is $25 and premium is $40). I honestly think most people would take advantage of having some free channels thrown in if they have to pay $25 or $40 anyway to get what they want.


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                        Sportsnet Ontario is included in Sportsnet Plus theme pack. Thanks for pointing out omission on website - we'll make correction.


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                          At the moment it looks like the big boys are the winners . We are the losers,at least we can wait and see if that changes by the yearend. The prices will be the determining factor.