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    Please add VMedia to the list of authorized providers for the Space GO app

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    Thank you for your suggestion, we'll consider this in the future should there be sufficient demand.


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      I support this as well. actually is canadian so ...


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        Love space, sign me up.

        -Jamie M.


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          The way I see it, the more TV apps we have access from our vMedia account to watch our show
          is better for vMedia because we are not necessarily using our home bandwidth to do so.

          unless there are fees on vMedia side...but this I don't know..


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            Originally posted by polygame View Post

            unless there are fees on vMedia side...but this I don't know..
            There are. GO Access isn't provided by the content holders as a free add on. If VMedia chooses to offer Go Access for a particular channel, we pay an additional fee for each subscriber who has that channel in their package, regardless of if they choose to access Go services or not. Because of this, we need to be sensitive to which channels will be Go enabled, as we do not want to raise pricing of packages and there is only so much we can absorb.


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              totally understandable then. thank you Matt for your answer
              I personally wouldn't mind about extra fees per channel if they were select-able choice in the pay per channel menu. (just an idea)
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