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    I am a current Vmedia cable internet subscriber. I noticed that if I am logged in to my account on the vmedia site and order a DSL 6 connection it gives me a promotional free dry loop. If I am not logged in then there is a dry loop fee of $8. Is this correct? If I have a current cable service from vmedia I can get the DSL 6 without paying for a dry loop? I understand that dry loop is free for the FTTN services, but I am asking about the basic DSL 6 service.

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    Looks like if you're keeping your cable internet service there's a $65 install fee even though it says free.

    What are you planning to use as your router? Not many can handle dual internet connections.

    Is FTTN not available where you live?

    -Jamie M.


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      Dry loop fee should always be applied for legacy DSL 6 connection. Unfortunately we don't get a break for new customers from the underlying provider on this speed.

      If you're able to check out without dry loop, would you mind sending me a private message so we can validate and make corrections?