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Thinking of getting VMedia HIGH SPEED FTTN 50

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  • Thinking of getting VMedia HIGH SPEED FTTN 50


    Thinking of switching from cable to dsl (mainly due to better upload/price) and I have a couple of questions:

    1. Is there a specific modem that I have to use? I want to purchase my own if possible (i.e TD-8616 or similar.)

    2. I already have a bell line (sold by TSI). Will I need a tech visit to set up a splitter or anything? How long will it take to be up and running

    3. Is it possible to check line quality prior to ordering?

    4.Do I need to subscribe to a TV package to get internet?


    (This is also posted in the VMedia forum at

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    Hi BoogaBooga, thanks very much for considering us. I hope this helps:
    1. You can use any ADSL modem for speeds up to 15 Mbps included. If speed is 25 or 50 or you want upload over 1 Mbps, you have to use Sagecom modem provided from us.
    2. It depends on the service you have.
      1. If you have legacy 6 Mbps DSL you can avoid installation fees. Bell technician would still come out to setup a new line, because we can’t use TSI line before it’s released and it never happens on same day.
      2. If you have FTTN DSL, installation is mandatory whether you move from TSI to us or even change FTTN speed from one to another.
    3. Yes, we can provide you with PPPoE login & pass for 24 hours
    4. No, internet is fine.

    I am curious you mention the VMedia Forum at DSLReports, do you have a link I didn't know we had one.

    Best regards George


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      Thanks George!

      I will definitely consider it. My only concern is the line quality. It's been a while since I was on DSL and that was only 5/800.

      Do you offer any sort of rent-to-own option for the modem?

      You can find the DSL Reports forum here.,3961