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  • Crave Movies+HBO addon

    I have the crave addon currently but I am interested in getting the Movies+HBO addon for Crave. If I add the HBO themepack that comes with Crave, does this also include the HBO addon for Crave?

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    We offer several different Crave products currently. Important to note that if switching, you should also cancel your current package, as we treat these an individual products. Moving to a higher crave offering will not automatically remove the existing package from your subscription.

    Crave (Streaming) -> VOD only. Includes Crave Originals, select Showtime titles, select "hit" series, select movies.

    Crave + Movies + HBO -> all of the above + Crave & HBO Linear Channels & VOD - access to current HBO content on demand as well as back catalogue, the latest Hollywood movies, kids + family movies

    Crave + Movies + HBO + Starz -> all of the above + 2 additional Starz linear channels, as well as additional movies titles in VOD from the Starz catalogue

    The Super Premium -> All of the above, + Super Channel linear (4 channels) as well as VOD.

    Hope this helps!


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      This did not help. Haha. What I really want is access to the HBO content in the crave app. Currently I have the crave add-on for my Vmedia subscription. Is there anyway, through Vmedia to add access to the HBO content in the crave app? Otherwise my only alternative would be to cancel my Crave add-on from Vmedia and sign up strictly through Crave.


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        If you add the Crave + Movies + HBO package with us, it will give you same content that you would get through Crave directly, with their Crave + Movies + HBO package. So all current HBO titles, including the back catalogue. If added with us, you can then access this content through VMedia TV directly, or by using your watchtveverywhere credentials to sign into the dedicated Crave app or website.

        The content we offer in our Crave packages, parallels what Crave offer directly.


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          Thanks! That's what I wanted to know 😁


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            No problem!