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    Hi VMedia - wondering if you might give an update on when we might see some higher speeds in Ontario. Specifically I'm in Ottawa, and Fibe 1500/940 is available at my house.

    TBH I would much rather 50/50 via VMedia than 1500/940 through Bell

    I know it has been "in the works" for several years now but with work from home due to Pandemic, the upload requirements are much more critical now than they were in the past.

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    Thank you for your question!

    We very recently began offering high(er) speed cable plans in Rogers service areas that may be of interest. 500/20 and 1000/30 plans are now available. Visit our website at to see all plans available in your area.

    With respect to higher speed plans on Bell infrastructure, regrettably this isn't yet viable for independent providers like VMedia, yet. We're hopeful this will change though and access with reasonable pricing will be forthcoming in the future.


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      Thanks for the info! Rogers recently upgraded their lines in my area just weeks ago so I will probably wait another few weeks for someone else to work out the kinks.

      Very frustrating that Bell and CRTC are slow stepping this


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        Hi Matt - just wondering if VMedia made any progress on the FTTH side of things through Bell (I am looking for a decent upload speed not offered on cable side)


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          No material progress or updates, unfortunately.

          I do not think we'll see independent providers offering FTTH service until their is regulatory intervention and wholesale costing adjustments. The current wholesale cost structure is so prohibitive, for both us and our customers, that it is not viable to offer these services at the moment.


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            That's unfortunate. Thanks for letting me know. I've been running with you VMedia for quite a while now but I guess will have to investigate cable solutions from some of the competitors. You have good prices for the DSL based 25/10 package but some of the other co's are significantly lower on the 300/20 cable based package. Need the higher upload speed for uploading my music and for video creation/editing for work. If VMedia can somehow change my profile to 50/25 then I can probably stay on (Bell tech showed me my line supports it but so far no offers from VMedia to upgrade to this)


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              Unfortunately 25/10 is the maximum available speed for (non-bonded) VDSL service. Any speed with higher than 50 download, or 10 upload, will require a specialized bonded modem and we have yet to acquire these in quality and test/configure bonded services to determine viability. This is something we hope to evaluate in the coming months however, once supply chain normalizes.