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    Good afternoon,

    So, I'm browsing through available plans on the Main / Internet page out of boredom, I noticed VMedia now offers, in some markets, Cable 500 Mbps & Cable 1024 Mbps. In clicking on the "Compatible Modems" page it says the Plan Servicing is only available in the GTA for these specific speeds on cable. In a fit of curiosity, I checked into my own upgrade possibilites in My Account and found, to my surprise, this is available in my location - Ottawa. Is this true?

    Secondly, if true, how can I, if at all possible, determine if my cable connection here at home could indeed support 1024 Mbps? Is this something VMedia could determine from your end?


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    Hi there!

    Yes, we do offer Cable 1024 in Rogers service areas, and are excited to be able to offer this high speed plan, which only recently became available.

    If you would like to upgrade to this plan, you may do so by visiting your VMedia My Account at and selecting the upgrade internet plan link after signing in. Or, reach out to our Customer Care Team by phone at 1-855-333-8269 and we'll be happy to assist.


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      Thanks Matt,

      But how do find if my line can actually support this speed? The cable lines were upgraded a few years ago I'm not certain this speed is supported where I live. And, if I am, is there a modem that VMedia recommends above others for this service?



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        This speed is available across Rogers service areas, and is offered on existing Rogers infrastructure. What you will require in order to access this plan is an approved Docsis 3.1 modem. When electing to upgrade to this plan you will have the ability to rent or purchase from VMedia, or you can use your own approved Docsis 3.1 modem.

        R-Cable 1024 Compatible Modems
        CBN CD8000
        Hitron CODA 4680
        Hitron CODA-45
        Technicolor CGA4234DGW
        Technicolor TC4400