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Bug in UCHOOSE a la carte TV channel pricing on intial order?

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  • Bug in UCHOOSE a la carte TV channel pricing on intial order?

    I think I've noticed a bug in the UCHOOSE TV channel ordering. After the initial 'Starter TV' package (I think that used to be the 'Skinny'), I added 11 channels from the a la carte menu to try to take advantage of the UCHOOSE 10 package (@$1.75), but it was still charging the regular a la carte prices.

    I thought that it might have something to do with the fact that a bunch of the channels I'd chosen had "X months free!" so I choose enough non-free-preview channels (10 regular + 5 with freebie months) to make it up to the UCHOOSE10. No dice, still regular a la carte prices.

    Lastly, I tried selecting random channels WITHOUT the freebie months. Still nothing!

    While I was doing all of this just to get pricing, is this something that's fixed during final billing (or on subsequent bills), or was I doing something wrong?

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    For anybody in the same situation, I thought I'd follow-up!

    I gave a call to VMedia, and the backend at VMedia is aware of the bug. However, it won't be fixed as it will be replaced with new TV packages and pricing coming soon ("hopefully in the next few weeks") and all their energy is going into that. For now, they recommended going with the Basic TV package I was going to go with, and then adding the a la carte channels later once it'd been rolled out (which you'd have to do by calling in). Fair.


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      This behavior has been corrected


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        Awesome sauce!

        ...But new packages are still incoming...?
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