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Loosing all hope for VOIP

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  • Loosing all hope for VOIP

    I am having a very strange problem with DSL home phone VOIP. I can't connect with specific telephone numbers. I hear a fast busy signal. I have to phone another number and have that person place the call for me to relay the message. They have no problem. The call was completed. Since I have DSL, I have been bothering my cousin who has Bell to make the call on my behalf. No problem on their end at all. I have reported it to VMedia, and they then pass it along to whoever. Today, I received a call from VMedia letting me know the problem was fixed. Having great faith, I tried. NO LUCK.

    ANYONE, ANYONE with technical knowledge that can assure me that someone knows what is going on, please help. I have to wonder what calls I am missing.

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    I have yet to go a day without an issue yet. I get an earful from my wife every day about how I am endangering the family with no home phone. My wife and I have cell phones. But we are not home all the time. We have kids old enough to stay home on their own, to come home from school on their own. I can't check to make sure they came home ok. They can't call me or anyone else if there is an emergency! I have to call my neighbour to go over and check. I keep telling my wife Vmedia know they have a problem and are working to fix it. It should be resolved soon. I can't work from home because the internet is not stable enough to guarantee me a connection. 3 months later now, same problems no fixes yet. I AM GOING to CANCEL THE SERVICE on deaf ears! Calls for a refund for the lack of service again on deaf ears!
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