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  • Selling Vbox

    Anyone interested in buying a Vbox? Less than a year old, works fine (when Vmedia service is working). $20 and it's yours, DM me. I live in Barrie but can personally deliver to some parts of York region/Toronto area if necessary.

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    Gulldog, don't give up, let me have your iD and we will fix you.


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      why sell it? flash them to a stock android unit. you cant buy android box for under 50$ well you can but


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        Interested. I'm in brampton


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          We have to reset our V Media twice a day and we still get out of sync shows and constant stutter. Oddly enough the internet seems to always come in great, both over the wireless and patched in. What was once a deal is becoming a frustrating nightmare. As much as I despise Rogers and Bell, with the price hike they are now appearing to be a more viable and trouble free option.


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            I may have a VBox to sell as well (older, non-antenna model that runs Android 4.2), I'm in Oakville. Depends on whether or not I'm able to convert it to a vanilla android box (which you can definitely do with the newer ones, not sure about the older ones)