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  • vmedia getting their act together

    So i will start off this post by saying, i am a costumer who really wants vmedia to succeed. Phone, internet, tv at a reasonable price, with good quality and stabily. I think that is what we are all looking for. Vmedia has a great setup... And great options with a reasonale price... But.. And yes here is the but... We are not getting what is being advertised. Stabilty is horrendous. Launches and hookups are terrible, and overall the quality is; well, has been subpar. This latest issue with the transfer to Rogers... 2 days of downtime, slow to abismul internet speeds, and lastly a request not to use the services we pay for during certain times of the day. Then we go back to the CIK issues of cut cables and slow response times to repair and service issues. Then we top it off with the expected issues like voices out of sync, blurry channels, etc. What this all adds up to is very frustrated customers, and their family members. Whats even more frusrating is telling others all about what you have and then when they what to see it. It doesnt work. Then to add to the frustration you see vmedia took a full months payment even though they didnt give you what was advertised. Like i first stated.... I want vmedia to succeed, i truly do.. So vmedia, George, Matt. Please get your act together. We have been asked to deal with alot. You have promised us alot. I expect compensation for all the above; and i dont think i should have to call into billing, be sent to tech, and back to billing to have to get it. I have wasted enough time dealing with issues you guys at vmedia are well aware of. Its time you step up... Fix the problems... Compensate the people who have been effected... Hand out some services, accessories and hardware upgrades to all customers just for selling subpar, and unreliable services... I dont think i am asking too much.. Do you?

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    Hi Salt,

    Appreciate you taking the time to voice your concerns, I'm sure others will echo your sentiment as well, and I hope you know how equally disappointed we are with how the transfer process was handled in many cases.

    To touch on your concerns, many of the issues experienced previously were due to the network stability and performance of our intermediary provider - it's no secret that we've had our fair share of ups and downs with CIK over the last 2 years. When we launched initially, we did so without TPIA access and knew that it would take time before this was in place. CIK played an important part in bridging this gap, while we set forth establishing our own direct relationship with Rogers.

    While we worked diligently to ensure the best quality of service possible for our customers at all times, there were unfortunately some instances where we did notice a drop in performance, and service was impacted as a result. For this we are very sorry. We knew from the beginning that in order to properly manage and maintain our services as expected, at all times, we would need to transition to a direct relationship with Rogers, and have been working behind the scenes for almost 2 years to bring this to fruition.

    We are in the midst of a very important transition currently, one which started over 4 weeks ago and is nearing completion. While this transition has not been as seamless as we expected, the foundation is finally in place, and we are now in a position where we have the ability to manage and maintain our (rogers) cable network without being dependent on an intermediary. Please understand how grateful we are for the patience and understanding our customers have shown throughout this period, and know that we are committed to wining back your trust and support. We're very confident that you will notice a significant improvement in the stability and performance of our Internet and TV service once upgrades are finalized and completed on June 8.


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      Originally posted by Smith

      What I understand is vmedia is under an important transition which is resulting in the company appearing out of control. June 8 is supposed to be a sunny day! What I don't understand is why vmedia doesn't show their loyal customers some love by enacting the suggestions given to vmedia on how to repair the relationship. Personally, as a matter of principal, i want my $20 back.
      I have been a Vmedia customer for about 6 months now. After a VERY rocky start up, things have been working very well for me, I couldn't understand why people were complaining about speed issues and downtime, I wasn't getting any of that. Then I read Georges announcement in the blog about how we could pay 20 bucks to switch to Mr. Rogers or we could do nothing and stay with CIK. Well I was very happy with the way things were so I decided to do nothing and NOT make the switch. WELL to make a long story short, somebody at Vmedia decided they knew what was best for me and switched my anyway. After almost 3 days of no internet (during the first day my wife was supposed to work from home but couldn't, just be thankful that she isn't writing this) I am back up now but my speeds are going up and down like a whores pyjamas. At this point I would gladly pay 20 bucks to switch back to CIK. George said in his last statement that they were allowed to that because it is considered maintenance. Well George you can give it any name you want but it still goes against what you said about us being able to stay with CIK. You may be within your rights but that doesn't always make customers happy. I will make you a deal, you switch me back to CIK and I will pay Smith back his $20 and you will at least have 2 happy customers.
      BTW long term weather forecast says its going to rain on June 8.


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        My speed just dropped to 3891 and I am getting all kinds of freezing, I guess watching TV is out of the question again tonight


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          I second Smith. I would like a $20 refund as well. TV has been unwatchable for the last several evenings.


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            So we can all be scammed out of another payment before you go bankrupt...I don't think so, I'm done....