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  • Screen going blank

    At random, multiple times a day, my program will stop and the screen will go blank. This is not the usual timed out blank screen that gives you a count down to prevent, but rather just a sudden blank screen.

    Other than turning the box off and on again, my only fix for this is to use the previous channel button on my remote to go to last channel and back again, all is well after this.

    This isn't earth shattering or anything, but it does get frustrating when it happens during a news cast or a 'must see' moment **prays for rewind/fast forward live TV feature**

    Anyone else experiencing this?

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    This is a known issue affecting the QC VBox currently. As mentioned, a quick channel change will bring content back as expected. We will be releasing an update shortly which will resolve this behavior. Very sorry for the inconvenience gamesandmore.


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      Good lord that was a fast response, ty!

      Thanks for the insight, I look forward to the update.


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        I have waited patiently for the mentioned update to fix this issue, but am getting frustrated.

        I had called in about a week or so ago and was told among other things, this had an expected fix date of the 23rd, no such luck, I am still experiencing the blank screen and it can REALLY be frustrating when it happens at a 'must see' moment.

        PLEASE, when is this expected to be fixed?!


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          Patch for this issue is under development and will be released likely in the next update. Still a few weeks out depending on how development and testing go.


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            Frustrating, but thank you for the reply. I will continue to wait.


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              I hope we see this fix sometime soon....thanks