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  • Cable over wifi

    I'm looking at getting cable service. The house I'm in doesn't have cable drops where I need them, so I'm curious about the possibility of getting cable TV programming over wifi.

    So... Can this be made to work? I have a total of 4 TVs and running cable is not practical. I have excellent wifi that I can expand easily if I need bandwidth.

    IPTV sounds like the ticket, but it's not clear from your website if you in fact offer IPTV, how many concurrent connections, and what equipment I need.
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    Hi cptdondo ,

    VBox (the equipment) sure can make this possible for you. We highly recommend using a wired connection (Ethernet) to our VBox to run IPTV. However, in situations where one can't do this, VBox can be ran on WiFi to receive TV content. You can run as many TVs as you want as long as the subscribed bandwidth allows you to. Typically one VBox will use up to 4-5 Mbps of bandwidth.

    You can call us at 1855-333-8269 and all your questions shall be answered.


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      If WiFi doesn't work for you, you also can try PowerLine adaptors. Both will work for your needs.


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        I am using wifi for 2 tv's and it works very well. My router is in the basement. TV 1 is on the main floor and TV 2 is on the 2nd floor. I will pet the odd pause in playback on TV 1, and sometime slightly worse on TV 2. But mostly it just works.