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  • Gigabit internet

    So Bell is in my neighborhood working on putting in new fibre optic lines to offer Bell Fibe and gigbit internet speeds. I see Rogers also offers Gigabit internet packages for $150 a month. My question this something VMedia will be able to offer sometime down the road? Do I have to wait until Cogeco comes into my neighborhood and starts putting in new lines....or can they piggyback off these lines Bell just put in, and thus you guys piggyback off them?
    I have to say, the thought of getting 940 mbps download speeds with unlimited data for $150 a month sounds very enticing. However the thought of switching to Bell makes my stomach turn.

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    We will be able to offer access to these services in the future, the CRTC recently approved access to this type of infrastructure for third party providers, however, pricing and process specifics are not yet defined and it will likely be a year or so until this is available. Access will continue to be carrier specific, so you will not be able to access Cogeco or Rogers plans on Bell infrastructure and vice versa. .