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Issues with processing a Move request

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  • Issues with processing a Move request

    Hi there,

    I've had a disappointing experience ,first one with Vmedia in the 4 years I've been with them. I wanted to share, to either give visibility to anyone moving, and/or potentially have assistance from the admins.

    Note: I love Vmedia, and the service has always been great

    Started a couple of weeks ago, submitted a move request via the website (because the phone tree told me so :-) ). Few days later, they requested my modem information (i'm guessing they don't see what modem I do have?).

    I sent my modem information via the Chat and email, both replied stating I could not use the selected internet package without purchasing another modem - fine, I requested to keep the same speed I was on. I had to call in to have the plan changed back to the same speed - annoying, but ok. Once that was completed, The kind lady said I would get a verification email once it's been confirmed.

    While annoying - nothing bad has really happened yet, and I awaited an email.

    Now - to the frustrating part. Two days went by, no email - I went onto the Chat to inquire (as my moving day is tomorrow and the work I do requires internet). The chat stated - my move request has been cancelled. A day before my move, i'm finding out my internet move request has been cancelled, and why? because a payment of $64 was attempted on my expired credit card and was declined.

    Few annoyances here:

    - I don't use a credit card to pay my bill, all through bank payments
    - For personal reasons, I don't own a credit card
    - I was never told this payment was required in any of the forms and/or conversations I had prior to today.
    - I did not receive an email to state that there was some sort of decline in payment (while that is my preferred form of communication); Agent stated I was called, but I don't see any VM

    If I did not call, and question, I would have thought vMedia was "on there way" so to speak.

    When talking to the agent, explaining the situation - while polite he was, he was not able to assist me any fashion. Agent kept repeating the payment needed to be processed before the move request can be started - which means I may not get my internet activated until mid-April. I requested to speak to a manager - he refused, stating "there is nothing a manager can do" - I work in the telcom industry, managers in call centers can to multiple things, but he still refused to pass me to a manager.

    While the call was much longer, and more frustrating - that was that. I hope this assists someone in the overall customer service if they are expecting to move anytime soon. I also hope that VMedia can take this into account for future move requests.

    I have no issues paying the fee - that's how companies work, I get that.. need to make money. But at no time was I told that this had to be paid PRIOR to the move request being completed, if I was I would have made a "bill payment" to put money on my account (I already have 31$ in credit because I always overpay).

    While the rep put a note on my account, I will be speaking to my wife about cancelling and going with a provider that can install server ASAP (Monday, Tuesday). I will also suggest to my brother not to sign up as he is in the process of looking for a modem and he will be moving in the next few months.

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    I'm very sorry to hear about this experience, would you mind sending me a PM with your customer information so I can review your account and interactions with our Team?

    When you selected to move your service, there should have been an indication that there is a fee required for this, which would be prepaid, as with all of our services. Perhaps we could make this clearer during the online move request process. Additionally, once your order is received, an email confirmation is sent which details "one time charges" associated with the move request. In the event that a move order is received but payment is not processed, we typically call the number on the account to follow up, which doesn't appear to have happened in this case.

    I'd like to make this right, and hope we can win back your trust and support.


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      Just a follow-up, within 2 hours, MattVMedia inquired, investigated and had me sorted out, and it will be installed at the earliest.

      Great Customer service, Matt!


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        For third party ISP's "the earliest" still isn't very early

        Make some friends with some neighbours and see if you can borrow their internet. I can lend you the equipment for free (anyone within 5km LoS will work easily).

        -Jamie M.


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          I'm happy to see Matt helped you out... He really is valuable to vmedia and normally can fix up issues very quick... I would have said speak to him before dropping service.