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    Here I am signed into the VMedia forum as a member and I can start new topics, reply etc.; yet when I try to go the the forum from my main VMedia account page by clicking on the forum link no matter what I do I cannot get logged in.

    Why isn't my menbership in the forum seamlessly linked to my VMedia account page?

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    I think they're different accounts and not linked.


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      I also experience a strange behavior when accessing the forum, it took me a while to figure out the problem:

      When I signed in, I enabled the option to remember my credentials.

      The problem is that everytime I opened the forum page, I was always seeing the "guest page" with only 4 sections. I tried to singnig in again, but I always got en error.

      Here is what I have to do everytime I access the forum. When I get the "Guest forum", I click on any section, then I click on the "Home > Forum > Vmedia forums" link. After that I see the full forum with all the sections.

      I tried with IE or Chrome, I get the same result. It looks to me like the authentification cookies are not regognized when I first optn the page, so I get a "Guest forum". Going into any section, then selecting the home page again refreshes the page using the cookies information, so I do not have to signin every times.