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Accessing CraveTV in better than 480p quality

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  • Accessing CraveTV in better than 480p quality

    It seems that there's extensive quality-related limitations with this product

    (1) The only way to watch CraveTV in at least 720p seems to be through accessing it via an Amazon Fire Stick, or via Chromecast. Further, the quality of accessing it via Roku's vmedia app - or - Android TV's vmedia app seems to be 480p or worse.
    (2) CraveTV's HBO package seems to be exclude access for newer HBO content, when accessing it through their app, contrary to how they are selling the service (that it includes all the new HBO content, etc - and asking me to subscribe again)

    Is Bell aware how abundantly their product sucks from a quality and accessibility standpoint? And is anything being done to clear up the above two issues?