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Separate Internet and TV accounts

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  • Separate Internet and TV accounts

    My brother is planning to get a vmedia internet plan for his home and will be renting out the basement.

    Question is, can a renter set up their own vmedia tv service without having to bundle with internet as it will already be provided to the home as an inclusion.

    Reasoning behind this is that its the same account info to log into the vmedia app as for the website (where you can make changes to the account).
    Or is there a way to have different user log-in passwords for the app and website.

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    Great question. Unfortunately, it's not possible to have two unique TV packages/accounts accessing service concurrently on the same internet plan. Each TV subscription must be combined with a unique internet/IP subscription.


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      Ah, that's unfortunate.

      Would it be worth looking into giving the ability to add sub-users for an account, so that they can log-in to the tv app, and have a master user that can manage subscription/billing/account changes. Avoiding the risk of someone making unauthorized changes.

      Not that this is a huge issue, but maybe something to consider.


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        Great suggestion, certainly some we can consider for the future