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Forum Hack Requires Password Change

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  • Forum Hack Requires Password Change

    I just received an email from VMedia stating I have to change my password because of the recent forum hack. The email contains a RESET PASSWORD button, and when I hover my mouse over it I see a very suspicious looking URL. Before I click that button and change my password would someone please confirm the email is genuine and was sent out by VMedia?

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    Hi Mainframer,

    Certainly understand the concern and desire to confirm, especially at this time. The email is legitimate and sent from us. The link itself may appear atypical, and this it because it was created using a mail delivery platform which gives us insight into the number of "clicks" this button receives, so we can understand uptake.

    I'll leave the direct link below


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      Thanks Matt, password changed. FYI: When changing my password a message box popped up with white letters on a green background saying "Your password reset link was sent to an e-mail address on file" and "Your password has been updated". Those messages are EXTREMELY hard to read, at least on my monitor and with my eyesight. Just thought I'd mention it as I'm sure you're running out of things on your TO DO list.

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        Thanks for the heads up! Will have it checked