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    For the third time in about a month, my internet service (in Winnipeg) is down. It's been close to 12 hours now, and the only information I've been able to get is a single, somewhat vague post on the forum, which I can't reply to. Live Chat wasn't available yesterday (during the posted hours), and calling the support telephone number only resulted in a busy signal. This suggests that the outage is affecting a large number of customers. Better communication in some form would go a long way to restoring contentment with my current provider (email or a followup post on the forum, with more specifics about the problem, what is being done about it and an estimated time that service might be restored, for example). Every additional hour that passes without this vital service and without any communication about the cause and what's being done about it makes me want to find a more reliably service provider.

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    Very sorry for the trouble. Regrettably, a subset of VMedia subscribers are impacted by a service outage currently, as a result of a fiber cut experienced by a primary upstream transit provider in Vancouver (Cogent).

    While there is no ETR available at this time, field engineers are at the break site and tube prep and splicing is underway.

    Updates regarding this work can be found here.

    We expect this behavior to be resolved today.

    Please accept our apologies for the trouble and thank you for your patience and understanding.


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      Update (1:45 PM ET): Repairs complete. Full service available. Modem reboot may be required to restore connectivity.